Operating Hours
Monday-Thursday 11am-2.30am
Friday & Saturday 11am-2.30am
Sundays 11am-2.30am


Dear Valued Guest:
At Jimmy B’s, we take great pride in being a locally owned small business in Clermont
County Ohio … in good times and challenging times.
These continue to be difficult times with the COVID-19 crisis affecting everyone, directly or indirectly. I pray you and your families are safe.
Jimmy B’s Bar and Grill is working hard to serve the community. In recent weeks, we
have been instituting our off-premise dining options with an online menu which will allow
customers to phone-ahead orders for curbside pickup or carry out.
We remain extremely diligent in our efforts to keep everyone safe, including social distancing,
frequent/proper hand washing, sanitizing surfaces frequently, and paying
extraordinarily high attention to all food-safety standards. We have completely washed,
scrubbed and sanitized every inch of our establishment in a continuous effort to combat
the Covid-19 Virus. None of us wanted to be in this terrible situation but we are, and we
must work together to move through it and return to happier days.
And we will.
We miss everyone and we look forward to welcoming you back to our restaurant as
soon as the crisis has passed and the “all clear” has sounded.
Stay safe, my friends.
Jim Bazemore